Practise Areas

As a full-service law firm with a dynamic and experienced team, EKYG primarily serves in the areas of banking and finance, projects, energy, real estate, employment, competition, corporate, commercial,
intellectual property, custom law, taxation, consumer rights, laws of association, bankruptcy and execution and family law.

In an increasingly connected and converged banking and financial markets, one of the major areas
that our clients need legal assistance is any kind of advise on banking anf financial market law.

Our expert team offers and provides general legal advise, drafting, reviewing and revising all the legal
documents and agreements, representing the clients before the administration and third parts and
negotiating on behalf of them on the issues including but not limited to;

• Incorporation of a Bank, opening cross-border branches
• Bank regulation and compliance
• International banking transactions
• Acquisition finance
• Securities agreements
• Formation private equity and investment funds
• Insurance Law
• Leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations
• Asset-based lending transactions,
• Real estate, structured trade, and commodity and investment-grade financings

Providing full legal services to our local and international corporate clients in the areas of commercial
and corporate law. Our services primarily include incorporation of the companies, registrations, opening branches or representative offices as well as all stages of mergers and acquisitions

Our services also include but not limited to ;
• Preparation of the pre-incorporation agreements and the Articles of Association for the companies, follow-up and completion of the registration process
• Advising on and follow-up of all the legal corporate process and procedures such as the general
assembly, the board and internal regulations.
• Giving advice on corporate governance matters for the corporate structure
• Coordination and management of legal aspects of mergers and acquisition as well as status
change processes for companies
• Drafting all kinds of with regard to share-holding structure and other complimentary documents.
• Conducting Legal Due Diligence
• Pursuing all the processes for increase or decrease of capital, bankruptcy, technical bankruptcy
and liquidation
• Drafting purchase and sale agreements
• Credit agreements
• Guarantees and collateral agreements
• Establishment of Joint Capital Venture

Our specialist team provides legal advisory services to the real estate owners and investors in relation
to all administrative requirements as well as disputes about real estate law. The scope of our services
include the following:

• Advising on development, planning and use of the lands
• Dispute resolutions on the matters arising from co-ownership or joint ownership
• Following the disputes arising from the Act of Condominium Ownership Act
• Advising and follow up the urban transformation plans and processes.
• Establishment partnerships and advising on and drafting agreements between flat/land owners,
undertakers and all other subcontractors..
• Follow up all the process and procedures regarding all kinds of leases.
• Follow up and carry through the cases of expropriation, immediate expropriation, confiscation without expropriation, prevention of confiscation or cessation of transgression.

Our specialist team provides our clients with legal consultation and representation in all aspects of
individual or collective labor law matters, social security issues and law of labour unions

 Drafting, reviewing and revising all individual or collective employment agreements, and internal
• Giving legal advice on all stages of collective bargaining and other stages with labor unioıs or
• Drafting confidentiality or competition agreements arising from the nature of the employment
• Drafting mutual termination agreements; reviewing the legal risk analysis of termination agreements; follow up and closing the termination processes.
• Dispute resolutions including both litigation and mediation.
• Conducting all the process and procedures in relaltion to all employment benefits, residency and
work permit applications.
• Giving advice on the requirements of work health and safety and preventive measures.
• Advising on all matters of social security issues.

EKYG provides services in relation to conduction of all disputes seen before the courts or the councilsof consumer arbitration; follow –up all administrative procedures, supply or obtainment of all the documents required for the production areas for the producers and the control of their compliance with the
update legislation, conformity of the sales of various goods and services with legislation, preparation of infrasturcture and agreements and all kinds of other legal and representation supports.

We offer legal consultation to our national and international clients doing bussiness in the electriciy,
petroluem and natural gas industries. In that respect, we assist our clients in various sector specific
matters such as obtaining the required licences and permissions to operate, the renewal, revision or
transfer of the licenses, preparation and representation in bids, sale, purchase and partnership agreements, restructuring, franschising agreements and certificate transfers

We assist our foreign national clients with regard to all maters that involve the element of foreign nationality, but more specifically in their applications for work permits, residency and naturalizations. We
preperare the documents and legally represent them through all stages.
We are especially experienced in advising our clients who intend to get naturalized through investment
and we help them in determining and following up the commercially most appropriate investments.

One of our strongest holds is to provide legal representation in all kinds of colelction of receivables
in the fastest way and with minimal cost. We make comprehensive researches in relation to the all
movable and immovable assets, debts and receivables of the debtor before and during the execution
proceedings. Our services in that regard cover the litigations to solve all disputes between the debtor,
collector and third parties.

We provide advisory and litigation services with regard to all matters related to Customs Law, included
but not limited to representation before administrative and tax courts, consultation on custom and
warehousing regimes, free-zone legislations and implementation principles.

Our experienced lawyers provide legal consultancy mainly on establishment procedures of associations and foundations, the legal audit of their decisions and drafting, reviewing and revision of their
articles of associations. We also represent our clients on the disputes regarding their operations or

Our primary objective as EKYF is of course to solve all the disputes in favour of our clients in the most
efficient way. Therefore, in addition to the litigation services, we assist our clients in all alternative dispute resolution means, including mediation and arbitration. We advise our clients in both national and
international arbitration process, manage all the process on their behalf, including the preperations
before the arbitrations and representation in the arbitration proceedings